Former Tennis Rivals Serve Up New Tesco Campaign

Tesco has launched a new television advertising campaign featuring two of the greatest sporting rivals of the modern era – former tennis stars John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg .
The new ad features the two ex tennis aces battling it out once again, but this time it’s over food shopping rather than silverware .

Tesco’s latest commercial was produced by The Red Brick Road and supports Tesco’s “One in Front” service, which was launched in 1994 as a pledge to make extra checkouts available if there is ever more than one customer waiting at the till .
The new 50-second ad takes place in a Tesco store and shows the legendary pair competing to see who can complete their shopping in the quickest time.
Although McEnroe reaches the till point first, his great rival slips into a till that is opened beside him by a Tesco checkout team leader so that he doesn’t need to queue – making him the winner of the race .
The new advertising campaign comes as Tesco and rival supermarket chains are being investigated by the Competition Commission over allegations that their dominance over the market as led them to abuse their position with regard to suppliers .

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