Asda Recalls Strawberry Milkshakes

Over 20,000 bottles of Crusha strawberry milkshake mix are being recalled from Asda amid safety scare.
Complaints came in to The Silver Spoon Company after some drinkers started being physically sick from their brand of milkshake, which is only sold by the Wal-Mart owned supermarket.
Tests showed some samples of the liquid had low acid levels which made the shakes more prone to bacteria growth.
This can cause a slight fizzing when the bottle is opened, a pungent smell, an ‘off’ flavour or a cloudy appearance.
In a statement released this morning The Silver Spoon Company said, “it cannot be sure that this product will remain safe to consume and is therefore recalling it”.
Over 11,000 of the 740ml Crusha milkshake bottles have been taken from Asda stocks, and The Silver Spoon Company is urging customers to return the remaining 14,500 for a full refund.
“The health and safety of our consumers is our number one priority,” said Crusha operations director, John Powers.
“Since being made aware of this potential problem, all of the affected product has been withdrawn from sale,” he added.
A spokesman for the Food Standards Agency said the watchdog was well aware of the problem and the action the company was taking as a result.

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