Waitrose suppliers become greener

Supermarket chain Waitrose announced, the commitment of their grower suppliers towards protecting the wildlife in the UK .
Their grower base will plant extra-wide hedgerows as these are used by 80 per cent of woodland birds to feed and travel . 50 per cent of mammals and 30 per cent butterflies also use hedges.
This means that fruit and vegetables sourced around the UK will be supplied by LEAF certified farms. This means they can show the produced has been farmed responsibly.
Mary Vizoso, chief buyer of fruit and vegetable and horticulture said, “Like Waitrose, LEAF is committed to furthering the production of food that has provenance and integrity and is a signpost to customers of the high environmental standards by which produce has been grown.
“Although achieving the LEAF seal of approval for our produce was no easy task for our growers, we are delighted with the enthusiasm with which they embraced this challenge, and brought it to fruition.”
To coincide with the announcement, Waitrose have commissioned an advert to be aired on television this month showing the diversity of wildlife and flowers that flourish in the hedgerows by LEAF – accredited fruit and vegetable growers for Waitrose.

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