Asda Looking To Introduce Club Card Scheme

Supermarket giant Asda is evaluating a feasibility study into whether it should set up a new scheme to stop the fall in customer loyalty at its various stores.
If these plans are developed further Asda will be going back on it’s tradition of having everyday low prices, which avoids the use of money saving coupons.
Following in the footsteps of Tesco’s successful club card promotion, Asda is believed to be impressed and wants to use the idea to generate customer loyalty and information. Thorough research has been carried out as part of it study, which has involved Asda talking to suppliers about costs and evaluating the potential benefits of such a scheme .
The main problem with the new proposal is the high costs involved, according to a source that had witnessed the study. Early estimates by the company are around £60 million a year, excluding start up costs. US based Wal Mart, who own Asda, would insist that the huge figure be taken from Asda’s running costs and not from their profits .
A spokesman for the company told journalists that the retailer was “doing stacks of work looking at customer loyalty and how we can improve it. Capturing data is an integral part of that and the loyalty card is always floated as a potential solution .” He added that Asda was not going to launch the scheme anytime soon.

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