Waitrose To Upgrade Their Till Points

For the first time in a decade supermarket chain Waitrose are replacing their ageing tills with new advanced devices to resolve problems the company are facing with the integration of chip and pin systems . The advanced electronic point of sale, known as Epos, devices are to resolve problems within all of the supermarket’s stores.
Waitrose had been encountering technical problems earlier this year, and this prompted them to stop the use of the chip and pin handsets. The problems occurred when they tried to integrate the new systems with the old tills in order to meet the chip and pin deadline, which had been set at 14 February.
The company had no option but to meet the deadline, so an interim solution was introduced while the retailer could get the new tills ready for its 180 stores.
The development manager for Epos, Sally Hodgson said, “Our ambition was to make the tills as easy to operate as we could, so cashiers can concentrate on helping the customer .
“We have designed an Epos solution that minimises system training requirements and brings together products and cashier services in an intuitive interface, based on highly resilient hardware,” she continued.
A spokeswoman for the company said that the existing chip-and-pin handsets will be phased out as the new tills are introduced during the next 12 months.
According to the spokeswoman the new technology will include features such as touch screen selection for its cashiers and will provide a much stronger base on which to build in the future.

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