Online shopping with supermarkets is a big let down

The big supermarket chains in the UK advertise their quality of service when shoppers buy their shopping online . But do the big supermarkets live up to the hype?
A new survey commissioned by supermarket trade magazine, the Grocer took a close look at how the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Waitrose online shopping arm Ocado faired when it came to delivering goods.
The survey showed that it was quite a common occurrence for supermarkets to send out inaccurate or incomplete orders. Orders may not be accurately fulfilled due to products being out of stock, or deliveries being made at the wrong time.
The magazine carried out a mystery shopper exercise and found that none of the supermarkets mentioned above provided all of the 33 items that had been ordered.
A spokesman for the Grocer said, “With the all-important Christmas period looming, our internet shopping exercise has painted a not-so-merry picture of the major retailers’ online operations.”
Retail Think Tank, KPMG/SPSL commented that the survey results were not good news for the online supermarket industry.
Tim Denison a member of the Think Tank said, “People expect to receive the same or higher levels of service than they receive in store.”

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