Asda To Recall Faulty Christmas Trees

Potential electrical problems with lighting have prompted thousands of Christmas trees in British supermarkets to be recalled as a precaution.
Supermarket chain Asda said it was asking customers to return over 10,000 of the plastic trees it has sold across the country . Another 50,000 have been withdrawn from shelves and warehouses .
A spokesman said four customers had returned the Chinese made plastic trees, which are priced between £15 and £27, because of damaged light bulbs .
Customers found some of the bulbs already cracked exposing the element, which when plugged into the mains would cause a ‘nasty’ electric shock if touched.
A spokesman for Adsa said, “We have not come across any (smashed bulbs) in the trees that we have checked in depots and in stores but this is a result of customers bringing them back.
“We couldn’t even have one tree out there that could potentially give someone a nasty electric shock so that is why we have recalled all of them,” he said.
Asda is offering a full refund to all customers who return their trees .
The company stressed to reporters that nobody had been hurt in the incident, adding that the pre lit Christmas trees do not meet the high standards set by the supermarket and the product will now be abandoned.

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