Colleen the new face of George

Famous for being the fiancee of Wayne Rooney and famous equally for her spending habits, Colleen McLoughlin is kicking off Asda’s new summer fashion range.
It has been estimated that she will be getting £1.5 million to front George’s new Must Have range.
Some will argue that Colleen had unfairly been branded the Queen of Chavs but many now say she is a fashion icon. This deal will make the beginnings of Colleen the multi-millionairess.
By making shrewd business deals Colleen has already amassed a personal fortune of £6 million. Experts predict that this fortune will double by the end of the year.
Angela Spindler, global marketing director for George said, “We are delighted to have Colleen on board. She epitomises the young, vibrant woman we are targeting and is always ahead of the style stakes.”
Colleen added, “I’m really excited about it. Everyone knows how much I love fashion and at these prices I can buy the whole range for £25.”
She is now doing almost as well as her famous boyfriend in the earning stakes. Colleen will bank another £1.5 million when she promotes her own line of sportswear for Nike. The range will include tracksuits and leotards .
It is also report that a publishing deal has been agreed for her to write a fashion and lifestyle book, worth £2 million.
Future earning boosters could include fitness DVDs, modelling, TV presenting and writing a column in a magazine or newspaper.
Past headlines have concentrated on Colleen’s shopping sprees. It is estimated that she spend £16,000 last year on handbags alone, £6,000 on her hairstyles and £50,000 on holidays .

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