Sunny D removed from Asda

The soft drink, Sunny D has courted controversy over a period of time but action has been taken by Asda who have removed it from their supermarket shelves. The reason given is consumer’s who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Sunny D, previously known as Sunny Delight, has been re-branded a number of times in an attempt to make the drink healthier. However Asda say sales for the soft drink fell after health campaigners targeted it for its high sugar content.
A supermarket spokesperson said the brand had been in long-term decline as sales had dropped by 50 per cent in the last two years. Consumers are also now choosing healthier alternatives and Sunny D was not thought of in that way.
Tropicana, a rival soft drink to Sunny D announced their intention to launch a new drink for children called Tropicana Go by this summer.
The new juice drink will contain 70 per cent fruit juice, 30 per cent water and Vitamin C. There is likely to be a big marketing launch to compete with rivals such as Sunny D and Capri-Sun.

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