Stilton cheese can stay blue

A fierce battle has been raging between Stilton cheese lovers and officials from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) after they tried to take the blue out of the cheese. However the cheese lovers won and the FSA had to back down.
The situation developed when the FSA put pressure on Stilton producers to reduce the salt content from 2.3 to 1.9 per cent.
The effect of lowering the salt content means that Stilton’s blue-veined mould would not form.
The agency has now backed down after they were criticised by MPs, the Lords, gourmets and manufacturers.
The Stilton recipe has been unchanged for 200 years, and the makers said lowering the salt quantity would spoil the rich, creamy flavour it is famous for.
Matthew O’Callaghan, a Leicester county councillor said, “It seems crazy to try to alter the recipe of such a traditional food, what would it achieve? The FSA should concentrate on processed foods.”
The matter doesn’t rest there as the FSA have said they will review the situation again in two years time.

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