Porridge sales on the up

Porridge sales are soaring as more people are eating the oats cereal for breakfast.
Health conscious Britons consumed 50,000 tons last year, with sales figure hitting £85 million.
A new report revealed that porridge has “ditched its dark, Dickensian image and is now the shining star of the modern British breakfast.”
Some of the success has been due to high profile personalities backing porridge such as Gillian McKeith, a nutrition expert, who advocate porridge as a healthier meal option.
Sales started going up between 2003 and 2005 when the value of sales increased by 26 per cent.
However, overall sales have grown by 81 per cent since 2000 to £85 million in 2005. The popularity of the single sachet variety has increased greatly but traditional oats are also more popular. This can be contrasted with the sales of cold breakfast cereals which grew by only 13 per cent over the same period.
Julie Sloan, of Mintel, market analysts who release the report said, “The popularity of porridge has seen something of a revolution, cooking up a storm not only in the home but also in cafes and sandwich shops.
“The success of porridge is almost entirely due to its convenience and healthy positioning, both of which are key requirements for food in the 21st century.
“It is amazing to see this simple staple now giving more adventurous cereals a real run for their money.”

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