For some Waitrose is better

Actress Jane Horrocks famous for her comedy role in Ab Fab and the Tesco ads alongside Prunella Scales has admitted that she doesn’t shop at Tesco’s any longer. Instead she has gone upmarket to Waitrose.
Jane appeared in the Tesco ads for ten years coining the phrase ‘every little helps’ and showed her commitment by naming her house Tesco Towers.
But now the mum of two prefers shopping at Waitrose as she finds the quality and variety of food better.
Jane said of Waitrose, “I like it because it has very nice organic meat,
“Tesco has finished with me. I never liked the kids on the school bus shouting, ‘Is she the girl from the Tesco adverts?’
“I felt like saying, ‘If you get out some videos you might see I am slightly more versatile.”
Tesco changed their ad campaigns last April, preferring to have voice-overs from celebrities such as Cilla Black, David Jason and Barbara Windsor.
It has been said that Jane earned £1 million from the Tesco ads, which in turn helped to elevate Tesco status as Britain’s favourite supermarket.
The famous slogan ‘every little helps’ is not as visible now however Tesco’s pledge of unbeatable prices remains along with a focus on not so obvious items such as luggage and paint.
Of late the supermarket is promoting it’s ‘healthy living’ range using new nutritional labelling.

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