Dr Oetker launching new frozen snacks

Frozen food company Dr Oetker from Germany are about to launch a new frozen product range called the Dr Oetker Bistro baguette range.
The food company are going to be spearheading a marketing campaign for the launch of the Bistro baguette range as well as a new advertising campaign for their flagship pizza brand Ristorante.
The advertising campaign will be created by BDDO Germany and will be seen on television and in the press. The campaign which is being handled by OMD is due to start on 5 June and will run to 25 June.
The frozen Bistro range will have five different flavoured baguettes, which will be cooked in an oven, will be crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. Ideas for the toppings are taken from the various regions of France. The varieties include Tomate &Fromage, Jambon à la Parisienne, Hawaii, Salami à la Lyonnaise and Champignon à la Nromande.
The new range will arrive in UK supermarkets towards the end of March and each pack will contain of two baguettes and will cost £1.59 each.
Dr Oetker sells their brand of frozen pizzas in 23 countries throughout Europe. The Ristorante brand was first launched in the UK in 2004. The company also produce baking ingredients, cake mixes, cereals and frozen seafood ready-meals.

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