Credit card holders spend six months in supermarkets, says new survey

Supermarket shoppers spend almost six months of their lives in supermarkets and spend about £148,000 during their entire lifetime, often on their credit cards, reveals a new survey. According to research conducted by the insurance provider Clerical Medical, the average bill for the weekly food shop is £63 per shopper. However, a further three in four shoppers make a number of return visits to the shops to pick up extra items during the week. On average Brits head to the supermarket, often armed with their Visa or MasterCard, more than twice a week. “These results really are staggering. Shopping is one of life’s necessities, but who would have thought it would take up so much of our precious time,” said Clerical Medical managing director John Hiew.Shoppers spend an average of half an hour in a supermarket per trip, while almost a third reported that they preferred to shop in supermarkets as they thought they offered better value for money. Others were attracted to free parking and the convenience of longer opening hours.Commenting further on the findings, Mr Hiew said he would like to see people spend just a “fraction” of the time they spent in supermarkets on organising their financial situation to avoid future difficulties. Frequent supermarket visitors could be well advised to ensure they use a low rate credit card for their purchases. The latest credit card offers can often be found online, where you can compare credit card deals and interest rates.© Adfero Ltd

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