Union calls off ASDA strike

A settlement has finally been reached between Asda and the GMB union in a dispute regarding union recognition.
Initially the action was to last five days but this has now been called off.
A GMB union spokeswoman said, “The strike is off.”
Asda, owned by Wal-Mart had been in talks with the union in a bid to reaching an agreement. Otherwise they were due to apply to the High Court in London to block the strike.
The workers action centres on a dispute over pay, health and safety and national bargaining.
An agreement had finally been accepted after protracted talks between the two sides.
Paul Kenny, GMB general secretary said, “This new agreement, which GMB and Asda Wal-Mart have worked very hard to achieve, heralds a new, fresh approach to representation and bargaining between the company and GMB.
“It is the clear intention of this new agreement that issues beneficial to the growth of the company and the economic benefit of its employees will be dealt with through the new National Joint Council.”
David Cheesewright, chief operating officer at Asda, said: “We’re pleased to have signed an agreement acceptable to both sides to end the current dispute – good news for our customers and colleagues alike.
“Thanks to all the plans we’d put in place for the potential strike, Asda will simply be the best place to shop this weekend – best service, fullest shelves, and the lowest prices we’ve ever had.”

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