Find your groceries by using satellite navigation

There’s nothing more tiresome then walking up and down supermarket aisles searching for items that you just can’t find and there’s no one around to ask for help.
A supermarket chain has come up with a novel solution to the problem. Mini computers attached to trolleys to help customers find items they need.
The units will be programmed with customers names that regularly shop at the store along with their regular purchases and the device can make suggestions of what to buy.
The devices will be able to direct shoppers to the products tell them what special offers are available and provide a running total as they shop.
This all sounds great but will they work well in reality. Just think back a short while when in car sat-nav systems were left drivers in the middle of a river.
The system is being tested in a German store and two British retailers are very interested in the device.
The sat-nav system will also help the store keep tabs on their stock levels and will hopefully reduce queues at the checkout.
Shoppers who have a loyalty card will be given the sat-nav to clip on to their trolleys and by using the touch screen on the device previous shopping lists can be displayed as well as a store guide.
Shoppers can find out what the latest promotions are as well as being able to scan their purchases in themselves and paying for their shopping by using their credit card or debit card .
Alan Townsend of Wincor Nixdorf, suppliers of supermarket technology said, “The theory is that people will like it because it simplifies shopping and reminds them of what they need.
“It will probably take a year or more before it gels but it will come here. Not only will it make hand-written shopping lists obsolete, but it could answer the prayers of millions who waste countless hours struggling to find their way round the aisles.”

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