New device will speed up supermarket queues

A new barcode scanner could help reduce the amount of time shoppers spend in supermarket queues.
The scanner will stop the endless search for barcodes on large or unusually shaped items. The device sends out 6,000 scans a second from all angles, which means that it will detect the black and white barcodes wherever they are located.
Check-out assistants will be able to pass a product across the scanner once rather than having to turn it around for the barcode to face the right way.
Tesco will be the first supermarket to start using the 360 degree bi-optic scanner across the country. The supermarket chain are hoping to cut 10 per cent off the average waiting time in check-out queues when the new scanner and new till designs are introduced.
Currently Tesco’s check-out areas are being re-designed with longer conveyor belts. This should help shoppers with full trolley’s being able to unload all of their items before the items are scanned through, allowing them more time to place their shopping into bags.

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