Now you can get a suit for 30 quid

The bargain suit is finally here. For just £30 you can buy a suit for any occasion. They seem to be all the rage as Tesco and Asda both sell them and Primark have a pinstripe version for £35.
These suits are really for men who like a bargain, if you don’t mind the supermarket label.
The suit available in one colour, black “have become an instant bestseller” according to Asda.
A spokesman for the company said “We have sold 1,800 jackets and 7,000 pairs of trousers.
“The point is that it has been designed for any shape or any age. We don’t put too many flashings on it that could cause it to date. An 18-year-old or an 86-year-old could buy it. Youngsters get them for job or university interviews. Tall boys buy them to wear to school.”
The spokesman added, “We’re able to charge such a low price because we buy in huge quantities, make only a modest profit and we keep our business simple and drive out unnecessary costs.
“This means our customers get the best possible price, safe in the knowledge that there’s no compromise on quality or production standards.”

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