Waitrose Scottish Stores Rack Up One Million Visits

Earlier this week supermarket retailer Waitrose announced that customers made over one million visits to its two Scottish stores, since their launch six months ago.
Sales recorded during their first six months in Edinburgh have surpassed all records for new Waitrose stores in the UK .
Waitrose, part of the John Lewis group, has exceeded all expectations at its two Edinburgh stores, with sales figures more than 40 per cent above initial targets. The company’s store in Morningside (Edinburgh) has almost as many daily transactions as its busiest London stores.
With the current success it is no surprise that future plans are being made to open as many as ten potential sites across Scotland, including Glasgow .
Waitrose claims its customers have been drawn in by its ethical sourcing policy, with customers particularly keen to seek out organic and locally sourced products .

“We are working hard to make sure that our Scottish stores reflect the best that Scotland’s suppliers have to offer,” said David Lincoln, manager of the Morningside store.
A major factor behind the retailer’s success has been the emphasis put on attracting the highest earning professional and managerial demographic.
Waitrose currently holds a 6.6 per cent share of the market for this group, compared with only 2.2 per cent of the market for unskilled manual labourers, according to market data provided by TNS Worldpanel.

Older shoppers (65 above) are also high on the target list, as it is believed that they may have more disposable income.

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