Ready Meals To Be Recalled Due To Glass Scare

Shoppers from Britain’s main supermarket stores discovered fragments of glass inside thousands of purchased ready meals.
The glass was found in 20 Asda own brand meals, four Sainsbury’s own brand dishes and four Birds Eye meals.
Manufacturer Rye Valley Foods said even smaller pieces were found contained in rice supplied from abroad to a factory in Ireland .
The food company gratefully added in a statement that no injuries had been sustained from the pieces of glass . The fragments were not picked up during routine inspections and came to light only when consumers found and reported them.
It is thought that the glass fragments had rounded due to the rice cleaning process they had gone through.
An Asda spokeswoman said, “Thousands of packets could be pulled from their shelves .”
“The glass was thought to have got into the rice at a stage of the production process,” she added.
“We have withdrawn four frozen ready meals due to potential contamination. If a customer suspects they have bought one of the products they should return them for a full refund,” Said a Sainsbury’s spokesman.
The Food Standards Agency also commented on the incident warning customers to return any affected batches immediately for a full refund.

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