Pork In The UK Needs To Be More Defined

British supermarkets have been unable to counter MLC (The Meat and Livestock Commission) allegations that brands created and owned by them are deliberately avoiding promises not to advertise and sell imported pork.
Supermarket retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, and Somerfield have all been accused by the MLC of uncommitting to their guarantee, which stated that own label pork and bacon would only be sold if it had been raised to the same welfare standards as produced in the UK .
The move follows a recent campaign by British pig farmers and pork consumers.
Evidence gathered by the MLC showed rapid growth in tertiary brands that do not carry the retailer’s brand name, and which have been derived from farming systems that would be illegal in the UK .
A Spokesman for Somerfield said, “While the supermarket was committed to supporting the British pork industry, the reality was that the UK was not self sufficient in this sector and the chain had to supplement the shortfall with European pork to meet customer demand.”
“We now sell over 45% British pork. All imported meat is clearly identified with the country of origin,” he added.
Consumer affairs director for MLC, Richard Lowe said, “People are easily misled by the on pack labels. BPEX has been campaigning for clear, transparent and honest labeling for a long time, so consumers can make an informed choice. The whole industry has to work together to clear this up.”

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