Supermarkets encouraging shoppers to reuse carrier bags

One of the largest supermarkets will use their loyalty card scheme to encourage shoppers to re-use carrier bags in a bid to make them more environmentally aware.
Tesco customers who have a clubcard can benefit by using old carrier bags when they go shopping in Tesco. For each bag used clubcard holders will be given extra points on their card.
The points accumulated can be redeemed against the cost of their shopping or a discount at theme parks for great days out.
Sir Terry Leahy, chief executive, “Clubcard has changed the way we serve customers over the past 10 years and made us a more responsive business.
“Now I believe we can use it to respond to the very real concerns people have over environmental issues and bring about a major shift in behaviour.”
He told Retail Week magazine that their aim was to reduce the number of bags distributed by 25 per cent over the next two years. This will equate to a billion bags a year.
The idea according to Sir Terry is to reward positive behaviour by customers as opposed to enforcing a change in their shopping habits.
The scheme will be launched in Mid August and will be backed up with an advertising campaign on TV .
Tesco are also aiming to ensure that all their carrier bags are bio-degradable by September.
In May 2006 the supermarket chain unveiled plans to invest £100 million in renewable energy and for stores to have automatic recycling machines.

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