UK supermarket launches musical sandwich

Tired of the same old lunch at your office desk? Help is at hand.
Lunchtime in Britain promises to be a more musical affair this Christmas after a supermarket chain on Monday launched a new sandwich pack that plays festive tunes when opened.
Opening the top of the sandwich box will activate a tiny sound module that plays a selection of music.
This season’s offering will be a medley of Christmas tunes including “Jingle Bells”, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”
Supermarket giant Tesco, which was behind the idea, said the seasonal snack was designed to give workers a festive boost on their lunch break.
Tesco spokesperson Jonathan Church said, “It’s designed to provide busy office workers with relaxing music to make eating lunch at their desks more enjoyable than ever before,” he said, adding that the concept could be easily adapted for Easter, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.
While it’s not certain how your true love would react to being given a tuneful tuna lunch on Feb 14, Church said the idea could also be used in conjunction with record companies to launch songs by new artists clamouring for the kudos.
“We just wanted to offer shoppers something a little bit different this year,” said Michael Greener, manager of the Tesco store.
As for himself, Greener said, “I’m just after a bit of peace and quiet at lunch time.”
But future flavour/song combinations under consideration include Prawn To Be Wild, Let It Brie and that old Julio Iglesias favourite, Fillings, Tesco said.
Tesco’s musical sandwich has been developed using a technology similar to that used by talking greetings cards. It goes on sale in nearly 200 stores from this week priced £2.99

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