Shops looking to cash in on Civil Partnerships

It is now official, same sex couples can have their relationship legally recognised. As a result many shops and stores are getting ready with new stocks of cards, gifts and accessories designed for ‘gay marriages.’
One of the first major outlets, Asda, will have cards for ‘Mr and Mr’ and ‘Mrs and Mrs’ on sale this week. Other products such as towel sets embroidered with ‘Darling, Dearest, Queerest,’ and soaps went on sale in Superdrug last week.
What this means is that same sex couples can notify their local register office that they want a civil partnership. Prominent gay couple Sir Elton John and John Furnish who have a longstanding relationship said they wanted their relationship to be recognised legally.
A spokesman for Asda said that the store would be launching ‘commitment’ rings in gold.
He said, “Ever since gay weddings were given the official go-ahead, we have had customers asking if we sell gay wedding cards. We see no reason why we can’t sell these for our gay customers.”
A donation of £1 will be made to the Elton John Aids Foundation from the sale of each gift set from the ‘His and His’ and ‘Hers and Hers’ range at Superdrug.
It is estimated by the Department of Trade and Industry that by the year 2050 more than 42,000 civil partnerships will have been registered.

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