Store formats

Morrisons has built its reputation around a no-frills store format called Market Street . The overall theme of its supermarkets is based on an early 20th century street setting in the north of England positioned around the edge of a store, with more conventional aisles in the centre.

All stores feature a butcher’s counter, bakery, a pie shop, deli and fish counters, a Fresh to Go counter (for salads, sandwiches, pizzas and pasta), a cake shop and a cafeteria. Petrol stations are also a common feature of most stores. HSBC Bank outlets can also be found in a number of stores, which offer a range of financial services, including an exclusive credit card and savings account.

Food ranges include the basic Morrisons Value range, Morrisons Organic, Kids Smart, Food Fusions, Eat Smart, Free From (foods for wheat, gluten or dairy-free diets), and its premium food range branded The Best. Non-food products consist of some essential clothing (underwear, socks, etc) and a wide range of DVDS, CDs and console games.