EON UK is a major UK energy company. It is a UK key energy supplier and the second biggest UK electricity generator. EON UK is part of E.ON, the world’s biggest investor-owned gas and power company.

EON UK is committed to acting responsibly and developing customer and stakeholder relationships in order to be recognised as a trusted energy partner. It aims to meet its customer needs by supporting its customers in fulfilling their energy requirements.

The company offers customer-orientated products and services in order that its customers can utilise energy efficiently.

The company ensures reliable energy by the provision of a secure energy supply for your present and future needs by offering reliable energy networks as well as multiple energy sources.

Low carbon society

EON UK aims to move towards a low carbon society; the company offers the framework for doing so by altering the way energy is produced and used.

The company also wishes to lower its effects on the environment by minimising its impact on business operations, lowering emissions and reducing waste.

EON UK values it people and goes about demonstrating that by creating an inclusive environment where all individuals feel valued as well as respected.

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