British Gas

British Gas

British Gas is the biggest energy provider in the UK. The British-owned firm is part of the Centrica Group and specialises in supplying gas, electricity and home repair services to millions of customers across England, Scotland and Wales.

British Gas is committed to providing customers with best value energy as well as the highest quality services and expertise in the UK. It is also committed to its team of dedicated staff, highlighted by its selection as one of the Best Big 25 companies in the UK to work for in both 2010 and 2011.

In terms of its energy services, British Gas offers two simplified types of tariffs – Variable and Fixed, making it easy for customers to compare gas and electricity prices, understand how much they’re paying and choose the right tariff for you.

The variable tariffs change price in line with the cost of energy, meaning the cost of your gas and electricity could increase or decrease, while the fixed energy tariffs remain at the same rates for a set term, giving you peace of mind.

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