Finding the Cheapest Electricity Deal

Finding the Cheapest Electricity Deal

You can lower your electricity bill considerably if you look around for an improved deal by trying to find the cheapest electricity deal. Many householders are presently stuck with electricity tariffs that are unsuitable and are paying more than they should for their energy use.

It is important to shop around online and compare prices.

Many energy customers simply do not know that they are able to swap energy supplier, with many people remaining in pricey deals for no sensible reason.

Five out of the “big six” suppliers put up their energy prices last winter with a resultant increase in the average bill for a household jumping up to £1,250.

Here are some key tips regarding how you can obtain the cheapest electricity deal available and save some money.

Compare electricity prices

You can go to our energy calculator and see the options and tariffs you have available to you. You just enter your postcode and respond to a few, straightforward questions regarding your energy consumption.

On the basis of this information, you will be shown a list of energy tariffs available. You will also be informed as to the amount you will save by swapping energy supplier; this could be up to £470 per year.

Change electricity tariffs

Once you have selected the appropriate energy tariff then changing is simple. You just select the tariff you are interested in and make your switch. The new supplier will get in contact with your existing supplier and switch your energy details over. This switch usually takes up to six weeks to be completed.

Additional tips to help reduce your electricity bills

Changing your energy tariff is not the only way of saving money electricity bills.
Reducing your energy usage and greater energy efficiency is going to save you more money than you would otherwise think.

The main ways of doing this are:

  • By switching off lights when they are not being used
  • By not leaving appliances on standby
  • By the use of 10 times longer lasting energy saving light bulbs
  • By not leaving your laptop or mobile phone charging unnecessarily, as it takes just a couple of hours to charge completely and they do not cease using electricity when fully charged.

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