Single and Duel Fuel Tariffs

Single and Duel Fuel Tariffs

When looking for the right energy deal, you need to consider whether you want your gas and electricity supplied from different energy providers (single fuel tariff) or from the same supplier (duel fuel tariff).

Duel fuel plans are usually the cheapest option available as most energy suppliers offer price reductions and ‘loyalty’ discounts to customers who take both their gas and electricity from them.

They also make account management a lot easier, as there is only one bill and one direct debit to deal with each month or quarter.

But despite the availability of duel fuel tariffs, many people in the UK still prefer to buy their gas and electricity from separate suppliers.

It’s important to remember that both gas and electricity prices vary by supplier and region, so while a duel fuel tariff with certain provider may be the cheapest option in one part of the country this may not be the case in other areas, especially as some specialised companies offer low rates on single fuel tariffs.

Which one is suitable for me?

The key is to do some research and find out which option is the cheapest for you in your area.

Use our energy price comparison tool to see what the best deals are in your postcode.

If you find that you can save money by taking your gas and electricity from separate suppliers, and don’t mind having to pay two different bills each month/quarter, then you should consider going for a single fuel tariff.

If, however, you could make substantial savings by taking both gas and electricity from one supplier and don’t want the headache of having to deal with two different companies, you should opt for a duel fuel plan.

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