Market Tracker Energy Tariff

Market Tracker Energy Tariff

With a market tracker energy tariff, the cost of your gas and electricity fluctuates roughly in line with changes in the wholesale market.

This means that when wholesale energy prices rise or fall, the cost of your energy will also increase or fall by more or less the same amount.

Your gas and electricity prices are reviewed every three months and any price changes are linked to the Heren Energy Report, which is used to represent industry wholesale prices.

Is this tariff suitable for me?

Market tracking tariffs are recommended for people who prefer the risk of fluctuating energy prices, as opposed to fixed or capped energy rates. If you are considering going for this type of tariff, you must make sure that you will be able to keep up with any future hikes in gas and electricity costs.

Also, try and get some expert forecasts for the UK energy market before agreeing to any deal.

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