Food and drink

The Co-operative Food stores offer customers a range of own-label food and drink products. Food ranges include the ‘Standard’ value range, the ‘Truly Irresistible’ premium range, ‘Healthy Living’ products and a selection of own-brand ‘Italian’ foods. The Co-op’s fish range contains only fish from responsible sources (the same applies for any own-brand products that contain fish or seafood).

Shoppers are also offered the largest range of Fairtrade products of any supermarket in the UK . Co-op convenience stores offer Fairtrade tea, coffee, chocolate, wine, bananas and cotton carrier bags, while larger Co-op Food outlets also include Greek Style Yogurt with Fairtrade Honey, organic ale, Fairtrade cakes and a range of fruit smoothies. Co-op Food stores also provide seasonal Fairtrade products including Valentine’s Day roses, Easter eggs and Christmas puddings.

Wines, ales, spirits and soft drinks are also sold in each store, along with the Group’s ethical water bottles, which help fund clean water projects in Africa.