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Save money on travelling - whether it's saving on petrol, saving on your car costs, plane or train with our money saving travel guides. We all need to get about - and with fuel costs mounting, the Money Saving Forum is the best place to share fuel saving tips, hints and experiences. Petrol Prices » Guides to finding the cheapest fuel, finding local petrol stations and tips on how to save money on petrol. Petrol station finder Find a petrol station in the UK Compare petrol prices Get the highest, lowest and average price of petrol Save money on petrol Tips for getting the most out of each litre of...

Save Money on Car Expenses - Top Tips

By making a few driving changes, you can make your car and driving more efficient which will, in turn, save you money on your car expenses and petrol. How can I save on car expenses? There are a number of simple tips that stretch from making your car more efficient, driving in a more efficient matter, finding the cheapest fuel and cutting down on motoring altogether. Car efficiency In order to improve your car efficiency: Turning off air-conditioning - quite simply, air conditioning uses fuel; so if you switch it off, you will use less fuel. Leave your roof rack off when you don't need it - the roof rack adds weight to the car....

Petrol Cost Calculator

Calculate the cost of petrol for any journey. Enter the number of miles, your vehicle's MPG and the price you are paying for petrol. You can also calculate the cost of travel in scenarios where petrol prices increase or decrease.

MPG Calculator

Based on the current cost of petrol, the total cost of petrol to fill up your tank and the number of miles you're able to travel, calculate the real MPG (miles per gallon) your car has.

Petrol Usage Calculator

Calculate the miles per gallon, daily litre usage and annual cost of petrol you will incur based on your current petrol consumption. With the cost of petrol still very high, the petrol usage calculator allows you to see the annual cost of petrol at your current consumption rate. This can help budget your travel in order to reduce expenditure.