Aldi stores and products

Aldi opened its first UK store in 1990. It has since grown rapidly and now operates some 300-plus stores across Britain .

Aldi stores primarily sell food and drink, but also stock a selection of health and beauty products, sanitary items, baby products and other inexpensive household items. All stores stock an extensive range of fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen foods, fresh meats, fish, desserts, baked goods and alcohol (mostly wines), and also include a cheese emporium. UK stores also feature bargain-priced, gourmet foods imported from Germany .

Many of Aldi’s products are own-brand labelled, with the number of non-Aldi brands being very limited – usually just two different brands for each type of product. This system allows Aldi stores to be smaller than general supermarkets which cover the same range of products but with more variety.

Aldi also offers customers weekly special offers. The company’s Sunday and Thursday ‘Special Buy’ deals offer a range of products at bargain prices, from electronics and car accessories to clothes and household/garden appliances. ‘Specials Buys’ are only available in limited quantities and for a limited period (one week).