Tesco pledges to remove harmful chemicals from clothing range

Wed, 19 Jul 2017
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Tesco has committed to removing hazardous chemicals from its F&F clothing range.

The supermarket chain is the latest of an increasing number of retailers who have pledged to ensure the safety of their products, with added chemicals chief among their concerns.

A Greenpeace statement confirmed that Tesco would immediately begin removing 11 groups of hazardous materials from its clothing range.

The environmental campaign group has long been working to increase the number of retailers signed up to its "Detox Standard", which targets the removal of chemicals including phthalates, brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, chlorinated solvents and heavy metals, all of which are thought to be have negative effects on health.

It is believed that phthalates are linked to male genital birth defects and reduced reproductive function in adults. Many researchers have linked brominated flame retardants to learning difficulties and delayed development.

Greenpeace also confirmed that Tesco's commitment will go far beyond EU requirements.

Kirsten Brodde, Detox Campaign leader at Greenpeace Germany, said: "The Detox standard is the new industry baseline. In only six years, forerunners of the textile sector went from total denial and opacity of their supply chain to transparency and the banning of all hazardous chemicals.

"Tesco's commitment shows the rest of the industry that using hazardous chemicals is not an option anymore.

"Tesco now has the opportunity to match the progress being made by other retailers and Greenpeace will monitor it closely to ensure they follow up their commitment."

Alan Wragg, technical director for clothing at Tesco, said: "This commitment is part of our goal to protect the environment by sourcing products sustainably and responsibly for our customers."

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