ASDA boss calls for under 30s free bus passes

Tue, 10 Sep 2013
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ASDA's chief executive Andy Clarke has called for the government to provide some 16 to 24-year-olds with free bus passes.

Mr Clark, who himself rose up the ranks from being a junior store management trainee to head the entire corporation, said that many young people aren't given enough of a chance to get to job interviews or complete assessment centres in other towns because of high transport costs.

The chief executive pointed to statistics that show the age group has suffered a 200 drop in wages since 2010 - even though inflation has topped 4.7 per cent.

Speaking to the Times, Mr Clark commented: "If you are on a budget then access is a big issue for you. Getting on a train is not a low-cost level of transport, unless you are able to book in advance."

It is unclear, however, if the government will be willing to spend money on this with austerity policies cutting expenditure in other, vital areas - including the army and police force, which have both seen their budgets slashed in recent years.

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