Sainsburys Launches First Sandwich Store

Wed, 19 Jan 2011

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Sainsbury’s has expanded its business with the launch of its first fast food sandwich store .

The Fresh Kitchen-branded store, which opened for business last Thursday in Central London, offers a range of products including sandwiches, snacks and hot food such as bacon rolls, cottage pie, soup and curries.

Preparations for its opening were kept under wraps until the last minute, with Sainsburys declining to discuss the outlet and its future plans.

The takeaway store marks the supermarket giant‘s first move into the UK’s lucrative sandwich retail market, and if successful could be followed by many more similar outlets across the country.

Commenting on the new operation, Business analyst Robert Clark, of Retail Knowledge Bank, said: "Sales from one store of this type are barely even a blip for a company the size of Sainsbury’s."

"To make this worthwhile, they will need to be talking about hundreds in the first instance, and probably over a thousand if it is going to count it as a real venture."

He added: "If you consider the success that Boots has had in the sandwich market, then anything is possible."