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Insurance and Finance

Insurance and Finance

Insurance and finance covers mortgages, life insurance, home and contents insurance, pensions, credit cards and loans with in-depth guides and current offers.

Saving on the essential insurance products can mean you get the right cover at the right price.

Getting the right
mortgage sorted
Most of us will need one!
Market Leading Products
The most popular products this month
Market leading product Income Protection
Cover your income should you fall sick, have an accident or lose your job. Get 12 months cover & choose your excess. What is income protection?
Market leading product Mortgage Protection
Covers your mortgage whether you fall sick, have an accident or lose your job. What is mortgage protection?
Insurance: is yours up to date?
Whether it's your contents or car insurance, make sure your insurance covers the value of what you're insuring
Contents insurance
Contents insurance covers just the contents of your home and excludes the building your contents are in
Life insurance
Life insurance premiums have dropped 40% in the last 5 years - so make sure you're not paying more than you should be
Breakdown insurance
With the winter approaching, compare breakdown cover should your car or van break down
Income protection
Should you fall ill, have an accident or lose your job, income protection covers the shortfall. Free calculator.
How's your pension?
With pension funds dwindling, many people are looking at opting out or starting their own private pension pots
Pension review
Get a free pension review to see whether you're money is working hard for you
What is my state pension?
Everyone gets a state pension after a certain age - with men and women's pensions differing slightly
Pension transfers
If you are looking at moving your pension, you will need to complete a pension transfer
Opting out of a pension
Opting out of a pension requires you to consent to yourself being withdrawn from your pension scheme
Pension pots
Credit Cards
and Loans
You can get credit in the form of a credit card or loan. Although credit cards are usually provided by your bank, they offer less credit than loans.