Supermarket Own Brands

Own brands are produced by the supermarkets themselves

Supermarkets own brands are, as their name suggests, basic everyday products made without a branded label like Heinz, Walkers or Kelloggs.

What are own branded products?

All of the major supermarkets in the UK have their own brand of goods which are cheaper versions of the products consumers would ordinarily buy.

The big four supermarkets have different standards of their own brand ranging from, for example.

Sainsbury’s ‘Basic’ range with an minimal standard of quality to slightly superior qualities like Tesco’s ‘Finest range’.

Customers decide daily whether to pay the extra cost for a prettier label and have to make the choice on whether or not the produce is as good as the branded products they buy.

There are two generic philosophies that come into play when considering whether to buy supermarket own or well known branded products, one is that you only get what you pay for and quantity grants quality.

Alternatively, there is the thought of why should you pay about three times the price for a product with a colourful label and a name everyone recognises.

In this guide to Supermarket Own Brands: