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Our Ethics

We believe that ethics are best demonstrated than preached. It's about time the consumer got not just a good deal, but the best deal; without the exploitation of others.

Consumer's revenge

If the credit crunch has shown us one thing, it is that the stores and big companies have been making ridiculous profits off the backs of the consumer (us) since the year dot.

Now, with the UK in recession, these same companies can offer us 2 for 1s, 50% off and discounts that we never thought were possible. This just goes to show how they've making fools out of us, the consumer, with big fat profits. Our mission is to ensure the consumer is armed with enough knowledge (and appropriate vouchers, discounts and know-how) to get the best deal for what they want.

Big plans

We have big plans for, but ultimately we understand that we should start with what people use most - food.

With our voucher and discount codes, we aim to help our users save money when buying online or save money offline with our printable vouchers.