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How to Switch Energy Suppliers

Switching energy suppliers is easy

Contrary to what a lot of people think, switching energy suppliers is relatively easy and straightforward.

Once you’ve compared the energy market and chosen a new provider and tariff that suits your needs, all you need to do is provide some personal details and your new energy supplier will contact your old provider on your behalf.

They will then send you a letter notifying you of your switchover date (i.e. the day when the switch will take place). This is usually between four and six weeks after you sign up.   

Note on switching energy suppliers

While you don’t have to contact your current supplier when switching, you should ideally give them 28 days notice of your switch.

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Once the switchover has taken place, your old supplier will send you a final bill. You should check this against the meter reading taken on the day of your switchover to ensure the details are correct and that you haven’t been overcharged. From this point onwards, all energy bills will come from your new supplier. After your switch has been completed, you should also check the meter number on your new bills to make sure that you’re being billed for the right meter.

Use our online energy price comparison calculator to compare gas and electricity prices in your area and find the cheapest tariff for your postcode and energy usage.