About Supermarket.co.uk

Supermarket.co.uk was founded in 1996, back when the Internet was still in it's nappies. The site has had a few designs through the years with the best design (well, we think so) coming in March 2009. That design being the design you currently see!

Why pay more?

Supermarket.co.uk's ethos is to reduce the financial burden people face when it comes not only to supermarkets, but the high street. We've developed several key services that let you compare supermarket, convenience store, online and high street retailer prices. We don't want to tell you which supermarket to shop at, but we do want to give you the option of choosing which one you can get the best deal at.

With our voucher and discount codes, we aim to help our users save money when buying online or save money offline with our printable vouchers.

Other information

Supermarket.co.uk is an independent website run by Sitefinders Net Ltd (SFN). The ethics at SFN are identical to that of Supermarket.co.uk. We seek to provide a useful, free service to the user that helps the user in increasing or maintaning their quality of life.

Yes, we do make money. However, we believe that advertisers should pay, not consumers. The advertising you see on the bottom right helps pay for the site and quite often when you buy through online retailers (also known as affiliates) we may get a payment if the link was tracked and provided through an affiliate service.

If you don't fancy going through our affiliate links, simply type the URL of the site you want to go to directly. We love all our users, whether they go through affiliates or not!